I'm a software engineering consultant focused on data engineering and artificial intelligence. I am often involved in working with a new idea of a company or product and making a living technology out of it. Usually, I work on the development and maintenance of a brand new product or application.


B2B consulting policy

Features Working with
a regular freelancer
Working with me
Time estimation YES YES
24/7 contact NO YES
Fixes after completion of the project NO YES
Short-term maintenance NO YES
Long-term maintenance NO YES

Individual approach

Your vision, my implementation

You define our common goals and you specify what are your expected results. I'll provide ways to achieve our objectives and I'll explain why particular decisions are made.

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Your rules, my suggestions

Regular calls? Meetings? That's fine. One break for an entire year and then a continuation of the project? I'm OK with that. I adapt to any working habits and different circumstances. I am also open to suggest the best practices where possible.

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Your requirements, my completion

Several elements of your website are the most important? Or maybe some baseline is needed before some specific deadline? I'll do my best to accomplish all of your requirements as long as they are clear before everything is started.

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SQL, Postgres, SQLAlchemy, Apache Kafka

Machine Learning

Python, R, Jupyter Notebook, iPython, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, Numpy, Pandas, Keras, SciPy

Python Programming Language

Python 2, Python 3, Django, Flask, Tornado, AIOHTTP


C++, C, JavaScript, Java


GNU/Linux, GNU Bash, GNU Make

Web Development

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, ThreeJS, D3.js, eCharts


Git, Docker, UWSGI


Qt, Qt3D

Contact details

e-mail: my first name @kondz.io
phone (office hours): +48 512 42 00 42

Where in the World is Kondzio Konrad Talik???